LAMP Consortium

Direct link for participants not working

Hello, The direct link and QR code for participants is not taking our participants right to their surveys. When we use both the link and the QR code it takes us to the mindlamp login page and an error message comes up-invalid password. Their login information works but we would like to us the link to skip the login process. Is this possible?

Also when we log in as a participant, the dashboard looks like the clinician dashboard-all surveys are visible and surveys can be edited or deleted. Is there a way to have the participant link only give access to the self report? Thank you.

Have you tried using that link in incognito mode? Sometimes browsers are finicky about logins. If the QR code/link were to correctly work, the patient would be taken straight to the Assess tab with all of the surveys listed.

Could you attach a screenshot of the 2nd point you’ve made so @rbilden and I can better understand what’s going on?