Migrating data to a new server


We would really appreciate help with transferring a previous project using mindLAMP (Emma W) from the BIDMC server to the Boston University IT server. Please let us know the next steps. Thank you so much.

@shradk Do you know if there was any sensor data collection performed for that study? And is it ongoing (i.e. will you need to maintain credentialed access)?

Hi Aditya,

There was no sensor data collection for the study. We would like to move the project to the BU IT server. I’m not quite sure what you mean by credentialed access - could you help me with that? That study is not on-going at the moment. Do let me know if there is any other information I can provide. Thank you!

@shradk We’re working on pulling out the data as JSON files for you. I don’t believe we can transfer the data from one server to another at this time, but with the JSON archive you should be able to continue using the data for analysis purposes.

Hi @shradk

To add to what Aditya said - I’m also not aware of a good way to migrate data from server to server either - but if you just need only ActivityEvent data from the old study you can download it directly using the new LAMP Data Portal. See Using the LAMP Data Portal | LAMP Platform for more info - but please follow up if this is insufficient information and I can certainly give more info or adjust the docs.

Let me know if this doesn’t help resolve your issue.

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Right, as @LukeS says, using the data portal to download the activity data archive will work well, since active data is usually in the order of megabytes, but sensor data is in the order is MANY gigabytes.


We had a meeting with @avaidyam today - thank you for your time! Following up on our conversation, could we get access to Emma Weizenbaum’s old app that was on the BIDMC server?

Thanks again!

Hi Shraddha,

To help us attempt to locate your data, would you be able to give us either the name of the Researcher or Study, or possibly the LAMP researcher id?



Hi Luke,

Thank you for your response. The name of the researcher is Emma Weizenbaum. I do not know the LAMP researcher id. Her project focused on studying cognitive variability in healthy adults and individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

Thanks again,