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SendorSpec is not showing up

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Hi Aditya,

We have deployed mindLAMP and I found there is nothing under SensorSpec,
it is similar to your previous answer. I think the SensorSpec didn’t completely initialize. Could you please advise a sensorspec json to fix it?

Screenshot 2021-07-01 153929

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I realised that the sensor_spec are to be added one by one and by default it is empty.
reference answers from: We are not seeing sleep data - LAMP-platform

We are in the same situation. Can anyone advise on whether this is typical, or advise (as @chunleichang has requested) as to the best way to have sensor_spec populated? For instance, is there perhaps a script we can run from within the container? Thanks!

Hi all - this issue was pointed out by @mike.zietz and team at UNMC today as well. The resolution for this issue can be found at this GitHub issue. Hope this helps - and we’ll be sure to resolve this quickly in the future!

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