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Turn off Survey Instruments without deleting

Is there a way to remove survey instruments and games from the Mind Lamp 2 app without deleting them off the Dashboard? We just want to turn off access to the surveys for the participants in our study. We are concerned deleting the instruments from the Dashboard may lead to loss of data.

Hi Vanessa,

The only way to “turn off” something is to delete the activity, which removes it but also turns off notifications for that activity.
This no longer permanently deletes the data, but deleting an activity will also make it not possible for you to view the data from the management UI.

Hope this helps!


Hi Rebecca,
I think what we’re trying to ascertain is whether deleting the individual surveys that appear within the Assess section would delete any of the data. Right now (see attached photo), we want everyone to take only the Daily Check In (which is a compilation of all of the other surveys that appear there in the assess section), and because the notifications aren’t working, we want it to be obvious which survey the participant should take when they open the app (since they can’t just click the notification as usual to take them to the desired survey). It sounds like what you’re saying it that we can just delete all the other instruments, leaving the Daily Check In, and it wouldn’t compromise any of the existing data in the dash?

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Hi Meredith,

Aditya mentioned that this was resolved!