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Unable to receive Push Notifications


After configuring the Portainer with the given Push Notif token we were unable to receive any push notifications on the iOS phone?

Below are our survey and Stack screenshots. Could you kindly help?

Please change SCHEDULER=off to SCHEDULER=on in the environment section of your docker-compose.yml file.

Furthermore – after investigating, it looks like our developers pushed an internal update to there server that requires Redis for push notifications. Will you be able to launch a Redis instance and connect it to verify that things work or does your organizational policy forbid that?

Thanks @avaidyam. After changing the SCHEDULER=on I kept getting the following error, I think this is something related to REDIS… Should we install Redis on the Virtual Machine and change something in the YML file? Could you please elaborate? I couldn’t find anything related to Redis setup in this doc

Yes - this looks like Redis complaining. Our developers are using Redis temporarily to manage notification scheduling (due to some critical bugs) before switching to a message queue called NATS later this month.

I believe all you have to do is add a Redis service (e.g. named message_queue) to your docker-compose.yml and add the environment variable REDIS_HOST=redis://message_queue:6379/0 to the LAMP-server service. Let me get some more detailed information on configuring Redis for mindLAMP from our developers and get back to you soon! A pretty simple example for the Redis service definition would be:

    image: redis