Add Activities Menu Not Fully Visible

Hi all,

We’re doing a self-hosted instance of the server, accessed through the dashboard, and we’re trying to add Activities. When attempting to add activities, the menu does not display the contents of the menu, only showing “Import Activities”

Please see below for a screenshot of the behavior
acitvities cutoff

Have you added the ActivitySpecs to the server?

I have been following the instructions (making changes where necessary for a self-hosted instance) as written at Deploying the LAMP Platform | LAMP Platform and Testing the LAMP Platform | LAMP Platform

Is adding the ActivitySpecs an additional step? Should the curl command(s) be executed for each Sensor, Participant and Survey, etc.?

I’ve run the curl commands and successfully added an Activity with this method, that said it requires knowledge on how to use curl, have it installed on user’s devices, and the knowledge to rename activities afterwards.

Is this the currently only known method to add an Activity? Should the drop down menu that appears when clicking “Add” not have an option as indicated here: Create and Customize Surveys | LAMP Platform

This is the nature of hosting completely independently. Otherwise, adding ActivitySpecs to a server shouldn’t be very difficult. It only requires using the tool at this site Create an ActivitySpec. | LAMP Platform and adding {“name:” activity} as the body.

Thank you. I am documenting this for our internal purposes. So, because we’re doing a self-hosted instance instead of using an EC2 instance in AWS, users have to use the curl commands to create Activities, Participants, and so on, correct?

This is only necessary when adding ActivitySpec or SensorSpec. To add other objects like researchers and participants, this can be done easily using API commands or by deploying the front end (dashboard)

Hi Carsten,

I set up a test instance in AWS using the same instructions to show my users the difference between AWS and a self-hosted instance, but I’m running into the same issue. I still have to run cURL commands to add activities, etc. and the GUI is limited.

You should only need to add each SensorSpec and ActivitySpec once per server. After that, the activities and sensors can be assigned to participants or groups of participants using the LAMP dashboard UI dropdown menu.

Hi Carsten,

Thank you for clarifying that SurveySpec, ActivitySpec, and SensorSpec need only be added once. It seems after adding an SurveySpec that users are not able to add questions to the survey. Is this also something that should be done through cURL by the users?

You should be able to add and modify surveys using the LAMP dashboard UI - no cURL commands are needed