Activities, Surveys and Sensors

Hello again,

I’ve successfully created my own AWS EC2 instance of mindLAMP thanks to @clangholm’s help in this discussion. Now in the UI, my team and I are trying to create surveys, activities and sensors. I followed @omateus’s post Add Activities Menu Not Fully Visible as my “Add” button looked exactly the same.

I ran the curl command on your API documentation Create an ActivitySpec Authorizing myself as my admin and changing to my domain. I added the following to the body…

And then clicked Execute at the bottom. The result in the UI is the following…

I can create an activity if I click this, but I cannot add any survey elements whatsoever. All I’m allowed to do is provide Titles, descriptions, an image, and streak descriptions. What curl call do I have to execute to get these two options seen below in my add menu? Thanks a ton in advance

Try using


as the body of the request with nothing else.

Perfect! that did it. Thanks a ton for the fast response!

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Sorry one quick follow up, what would I input to get the create new: Activity Group as well? This is what it looks like currently:

Frankly, I don’t remember the name of the spec for that.

I’ll check/confer and get back to you.

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The spec is “”

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Thanks Carsten,

Quick question, where would I find the spec names in the the github lamp-server repo? I believe I’ve found the files that create their architecture (src/model/ActivitySpec.ts and src/model/SensorSpec.ts) but where would I specifcally find all the valid names that the lamp server has to offer? In the docs I’ve looked at the Activity Types and Sensor Types sections but I worry that the documentation can sometimes be inconsistent and I would like to find this information in the code as well.


If it’s helpful, I can send a list of all the Activity names and Sensor names that we have on our BIDMC server. Please DM if interested

Hi Carsten,
Could you please share with me the list of all Activity name and Sensor name avaiable ?