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Confirming a working install

I followed the docs to get a docker stack deployment on a single node running Ubuntu 20.04.2.

Unfortunately, I get a 404 returned by Traefik when navigating to domain.tld on port 80/443

However, https://api.domain.tld appears to be working fine. I’m getting responses and the Let’s Encrypt cert is installed. Is this expected behavior?

I can authenticate to by specifying api.domain.tld as the domain, the username ‘admin’ and the password generated by the server when curl’ing the api endpoint. Is this also expected behavior?

How do I validate a successful deployment?

Hi @lido,

Thanks for posting this. We are not sure how to support Ubuntu so any troubleshooting will take some time. @rhays or I will get back to you when we have more information.



Hi @rbilden, what is the preferred/supported linux distribution for hosting mindlamp?

The official guide is using AWS Amazon linux 2 image. ref to Preparing Resources on AWS | LAMP Platform

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