LAMP Consortium

Fixing the relative time axes in graphs?

D.O.: Once you’re in the charts and looking at existing data, the timepoints are listed across the screen, but the chart itself has a real-time x-axis. So if you had 2 entries in the same day, and then another one a week later, the dates above are spread out in thirds, whereas the graphic has the two same-day points right on top of one another. This is confusing and it’s right there sticking in your eye. I might not show the graphics automatically, and ask users to click to see the chart.

The dates in the X-axis are not positioned by the data points themselves; if you hover over the point, you’ll see the correct date and time along with a precise value. I’ll take a look at fixing the X-axis spacing which seems to be causing the visual confusion, as this should be easy to rectify.

This is now fixed as of 11/05/2019. Thanks for your feedback!