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Unable to visualize data

Our group is now unable to visualize any activity data that we have collected via surveys while in our administrator account. We can’t see previously collected data across all our participants. Thank you for your help.

Hi @emilyecarol, when was the last time your team entered data into LAMP? If I recall it was March?

Hi @avaidyam, yes that is correct. Beginning of March. Thank you for your quick response!

I was able to figure out the issue and we’ll have it fixed by early next week! All of the data is still present and in-tact, so there is no cause for concern. Thanks for letting us know!

Fantastic news, thank you!

@emilyecarol Can you see if the issue is resolved when logging into our new dashboard beta?

@avaidyam We tried on a few different computers and browsers and we still aren’t able to see the data when using the new dashboard beta.

Could you try downloading the data instead as CSV or JSON temporarily? I’ll work with our developers to get this issue fixed quickly.

Hi @avaidyam we just checked again and the data is now visible! We will also download the data so we have it.

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