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iOS data not being received

Just wanted to report a bug in our deployment of LAMP, where it currently does not appear to be receiving sensor data from any iOS devices. I am using the python version of the API to query our database, and whilst I can see sensor data coming from the Android devices, the only data I have from the iOS devices is the login information to the dashboard, and their active data from the surveys. Below is a screenshot of the data I can see coming through from 1 of our 3 connected iOS devices, when I use the LAMP.SensorEvent.all_by_particpant(‘id’) method

I can see on our dashboard, that these 3 devices all have their devices connected, and have recently accessed the dashboard, although it is also saying no data has been received.

I have also checked with them that they have given LAMP access to all the sensors on their device, and got them to send screen shots of their settings on their phone to confirm.

Has anyone else reported this problem? Happy to provide any more info if neccessary!

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@avaidyam any idea why this is happening? are we not using the API correctly for iOS devices? it’s weird that non of our iOS devices send any sensor data, or could this be an iOS update issue?

Hi all,

Our team is off this week for Thanksgiving, but please file a bug report if this issue persists! We’ll get back to you ASAP after our developers look into it.


Thanks Aditya, do you have a link to where I can file this bug report?

@zone86 Here you go!

@zone86 @ninaes Our developers are working on this issue – if you’d like to take a look and help out (on GitHub; I’ve tagged you both) it would be much appreciated!