Cortex Visualizations & Activity Updates

We’d like to share what’s new and available as of today in mindLAMP and the broader LAMP Platform. On top of improving the LAMP Platform, we’ve also been updating our documentation!


Cortex & Enhanced Visualizations

  • We’ve added support for displaying real-time visualizations generated by the Cortex data analysis pipeline in both the app and management console.
    • We’ve optimized and streamlined the Prevent tab of the app

  • We’ve added support for user-specified dynamic Vega charts in both the app and management console.
    • This feature is currently limited to the DBT Diary Card activity, but will soon be available for other activities.



Localization & Internationalization

  • Added an “empty tab” message and optimized interface text.
  • Updated support for Hindi ( hi-IN ).
  • Updated support for Spanish ( es-ES ).

Activities & Surveys

  • Added the SHORT ANSWER question type with description text.


  • Added the RATING SCALE question type with description text.


  • Added custom icon support for surveys and activity groups.
  • Added automatic question settings validation for certain question types.
  • Updated Jewels settings to support multiple modes ( beginner , intermediate , advanced , expert ) and variants ( trails_a , trails_b ).

  • Added support for Markdown-formatted text in Tips (coming soon to other activity types, including surveys).
    • Currently does not support Table formatting.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue in the Breathe activity where the duration of the exercise did not correctly match the length of the audio, if one was uploaded or specified.
  • Resolved an issue where adding a vector image (SVG) as a custom activity icon caused the icon to be erroneously compressed and pixelated.
  • Resolved an issue with the Activity and Participant tabs of the management console displaying information slowly and in the wrong or random order.

Thank you to everyone participating here in the community forum, as well as to everyone who has submitted a bug report or a feature suggestion!

Hi @avaidyam

How can we see Cortex data? Currently, it seems to be empty on our iPhones? Does this require any additional setup on the Docker ? If so could you kindly provide any documentation?

I suppose I do not have the answer you are looking for (if you want to see pretty graphs in your dashboard, I did not make it work yet and because our team has interest in raw data and its analysis maybe we won’t need this Cortex ever), but I believe that this might come helpful.

Here is the documentation for accessing your data you have already in database. This ranges from Activity data (surveys, etc) and ends at Sensory data (accelerometer, gyroscope, gps, etc…).

There are examples and manual in R and Python. It has some flaws, but if you will read it thuroughly it should work fine. I personally had only problem that I could not create non-default query for retrieving more then last 1000 entries from database (in respective category).

Hope this helped a bit. Wishing you luck @kkadapa !

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Hi @kkadapa,

@sakac is correct! For more context, Cortex is the name of our data analysis pipeline, which can also be found at GitHub here. If you have additional questions, @rhays can assist you. Please note that it’s a work in progress, but we consider it ready for general availability.

Hope this helps!