User experience upgrades for mindLAMP 2

As part of the general availability phased rollout for mindLAMP 2, we’d like to share what’s new and available as of today.


Updated management interface

  • The new Participant and Activity management tabs allow clinicians to better manage multiple studies or clinics in one simplified page.
  • Activity management has been retooled to support complete customization of what patients see when they use the app.

Self-hosted deployment support

  • The LAMP Platform API Server has been retooled to automatically manage aspects of the deployment process.
  • Databases are automatically bootstrapped and a secure system administrator password is automatically created and persisted on first launch.


Database improvements

  • Improved the performance of Tag lookup, including for custom visualizations and patient names.
  • Improved the performance of security and credential verification.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where connecting to a specific server address on the mobile app caused the app to not load the user interface.
  • Resolved an issue where activity streaks were incorrectly reported as 14 days regardless of the actual streak duration.
  • Resolved an issue where Jewels and Box Game were not correctly opening or saving due to missing values in configuration.
  • Resolved a major issue that significantly impacted sensor collection frequency on iOS devices — device motion data is now correctly collected at frequencies greater than 0.002 Hz.

Top Priorities

  • Translation & localization support will be arriving for all users of mindLAMP 2 across two locales in the coming weeks.
  • New simplified clinic management tools are under development and are expected to arrive next month.
  • Offline support, advanced interventions (automations), and better data visualization tools are on the horizon.

While new features are always making their way into mindLAMP 2, we have an important announcement to make:

  • We are no longer able to support mindLAMP 1, which will be removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in early 2021.
  • Existing studies using the BIDMC server have already been migrated with no data loss.
  • We recommend switching to the mindLAMP 2 app for these studies as soon as possible.
  • All administrator and user credentials will work as before to sign into the mindLAMP 2 apps across iOS, Android, and Web.

For providing helpful feedback and bug reports, our team would like to thank @Andrea_Colajacomo and his team at Alecsandria Digital Agency in Italy, and @kkadapa and his team at Northwell Health in New York. If you or your organization notice any bugs or unusual behavior, please let us know either through our bug tracker.

We hope to share more exciting news with you soon!