Stability & Performance Improvements - 2021

Today, we’d like to share what’s new and improved in the first 2021 release of mindLAMP and the LAMP Platform!


Analytics API

  • Added support for patient analytics (tab open, notification receipt). (See the SensorSpec .)

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue with the Feed tab incorrectly displaying weekly/monthly schedules.
  • Resolved several issues with activity icon uploads and configuration/settings.
  • Resolved a theme inconsistency when logged in as a system administrator.
  • Resolved a cursor glitch issue when hovering over the desktop sidebar icons.
  • Resolved an issue where the conversations icon would always show an indicator even if previously viewed.
  • Resolved an issue where launching a survey from a scheduled activity group on the Feed tab would prevent correctly saving the data.
  • Resolved several display issues with the DBT Diary Card clinician-facing graphs.
  • Resolved minor notification-related issues on the backend.

Thank you to all who submitted bug reports and feature suggestions! If you or your organization notice any bugs or unusual behavior, please let us know either through our bug tracker. Server administrators responsible for deploying and maintaining the LAMP Platform,
please begin to migrate your Docker image tags for LAMP-server and LAMP-dashboard from 2020 to 2021 to prepare for major upcoming releases.

We have more exciting features and improvements in the works that we hope to share with you soon!

Does tag migration affect people who use:

image: bidmcdigitalpsychiatry/lamp-server:latest

in lamp.yml?
If yes are we supposed to change it to:

image: bidmcdigitalpsychiatry/lamp-server:2021

And redeploy the server?

Or does it reffer to Docker tags? docker tag | Docker Documentation

EDIT: I just consulted the deployment guide, and noticed the yml file as a whole changed since we deployed the mindLAMP server on-premises. For example healthchecks or:

      REDIS_HOST: 'redis://cache:6379/0'
      NATS_SERVER: 'message_queue:4222'

are not present in our lamp.yml. Dashboard works without it (we just use our domain while logging in). Should we redeploy with the current yml version? Will it be crucial for the next releases/updates?

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@sakac Yes - latest is our staging build, which we deem stable enough but has not passed our development team’s QA testing process yet. The labeled releases like 2021, or 2021.1 or 2021.1.13 are CalVer standardized releases; we recommend using 2021, but next year you will need to switch to 2022, for example.

  • You also don’t require health-checks at all, but they are useful/helpful for monitoring your server.