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mindLAMP 2.0 Bugs - how to help?

I noticed the UI upgrade to mindLAMP 2.0 is now live - it looks just as awesome as advertised in the LAMP consortium webinar!

I wanted to share a few things I’ve noticed already - I’m sure most ya’ll are already aware of, but just in case:

-Music continues in background from “Breath”; also not sure if it ever ends, but seemed to go forever for me
-Scratch card ends too early (plus cannot savor the fruit of my labor!)
-Medication tracker - list of medications very limited; unclear how to add a medication without an end date, but most psychiatric medications do not have a pre-defined end date
-Brain games do not function yet.
-Hope box allows upload of a photo, but not quote nor can View Hope Box. Text of “View” is cut off by the screen (iPhone 11 Pro)
-Alerts about each section - “Welcome to Feed section” pop up every time they are accessed when you close and reopen app.
-Step count does not display correctly in Prevent.
-Streak count incorrectly alerted for “14 days”

Hope this helps. Happy to specifically test anything.

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Hi @czysz!

Thanks so much for taking a look at the new updates! Some of the features you’ve pointed out are actually only available for testing/demonstration purposes. A few of these items (Breathe music, Scratch card, Alerts, Step count, Streak) are already being tracked, but we would really appreciate if you could also submit a separate bug report for each item on your end as well! (You’ll find the form in Quick Links at the top of the site.)

Hope this helps, and thanks again!

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