Ease of Use Improvements

We’d like to share what’s new and available as of today in mindLAMP and the broader LAMP Platform. Learn more about these changes in our improved documentation.


  • We’ve added a new toolbar at the top of the screen that helps you keep track of where you are in the app.
    • Viewing a patient when logged in as a clinician now has a gentle border around the app to remind you of which patient you’re viewing, along with a helpful back button to return to the clinician view.
  • We’ve added a studies management panel for researchers to better keep track of their studies, rename, or delete them.
  • We’ve added a powerful new (pre-release) real-time event subscription API for the upcoming logic/automations features that work closely with the Cortex data analysis pipeline.
    • Information on this API will be added to the documentation in the coming weeks, and the API endpoints are currently subject to change.


  • Added support for displaying custom Activity Groups in the Assess tab along with the Feed tab.
  • Improved HealthKit and Google Fit sensor (i.e. step count) data collection fidelity; this change will be rolling out over the next week for iOS and Android.
  • Improved visualization of DBT Diary Card data in the Prevent tab, including dynamic charts and patients’ free responses.


  • Resolved a significant issue where some patients were unable to log in on iOS or Android with valid credentials due to server login latency.
  • Resolved an issue where certain survey question text was not displaying for specific surveys.
  • Resolved an issue where the message entry field for the Conversations UI cut off the message being typed by the user.
  • Resolved an issue where survey slider question types sometimes showed incorrect option ranges.
  • Resolved an issue where the Feed tab did not display schedule indicators correctly on days with scheduled activities.
  • Resolved an issue where the “Last Active” and “Data Quality” (renamed “Last Passive”) indicators were misleading and presented inaccurate information.
  • Resolved an issue where after editing an activity for one study, activities from other studies would temporarily disappear from the Activity tab.
  • Resolved an issue where push notifications on iOS and Android would not open to the specific activity’s UI, instead showing a blank screen.
  • Resolved an issue where sensor data collection would be erroneously paused or data cache would be cleared on certain Android 11 devices.