Patient Profile & New Cognitive Tests

We’d like to share what’s new and available as of today in mindLAMP and the broader LAMP Platform.


Patient Profile UI

  • The new Patient profile interface allows quick and easy management of activities, sensors, and conversations in one place.
  • You are now able to add, remove, and configure specific sensors for data collection across studies. (Support for this feature requires the upcoming smartphone and wearable app release.)

Pop The Bubbles & Balloon Risk

  • The new “Pop The Bubbles” and “Balloon Risk” cognitive test activities are available for configuration and usage (in specific installations only; consult your system administrator).


Improved Native Apps

  • Updated and refactored the iOS and Android apps for higher performance and support for new enhanced features.
    • mindLAMP now requires a minimum version of iOS 14 or watchOS 6.
    • This update will be rolling out in the coming weeks once approved by Apple and Google.
  • Updated push notifications to collect metadata about notifications and user interactions as a new sensor type.

Improved Native Apps

  • Updated graphing code to be higher performance and restored Step Count graphs.
  • Updated error boundaries to display errors to the user instead of crashing to an unhelpful blank screen, and added a version number.

Hardened Security Requirements

  • Hardened security requirements for enterprise deployments will be rolling out in the coming weeks.
    • Clinicians will need to request their system administrator to be added to a clinic/study and system administrators may generate a password of sufficient complexity as required by organizational policies.
    • Patients and study participants will need to request their clinician or research coordinators to reset their password or add additional care team members.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved minor labeling and functionality issues with the DBT Diary Card activity.
  • Resolved an issue where the backend message queue would not accept large payloads and inadvertently crash the API Server.
  • Resolved an issue where Breathe exercises did not record duration spent correctly.
  • Resolved issues in rare cases with embedded activities (i.e. Jewels) not receiving the correct language code for translations support at runtime.
  • Resolved an issue where Activity Groups appeared in the Prevent tab incorrectly.
  • Resolved an issue where tapping a notification could lead to a blank page instead of an embedded activity.
  • Resolved an issue where loading patients’ data could erroneously take twice as long as expected.

Ongoing Bugs

  • We are aware of an issue with scrolling being temporarily locked on Safari browsers when viewing the Patient or Activity tabs in the dashboard; a temporary workaround is to resize the browser window, after which scrolling will resume normally.
  • We are aware of an issue leading to slower than expected performance and speed when using the Patient tab of the dashboard across all browsers; a resolution for this issue is in progress.

Thank you to everyone participating here in the community forum, as well as to everyone who has submitted a bug report or a feature suggestion!

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Does “configure sensors” mean change the sampling/collection frequency?

@sakac, yes exactly! That is a planned feature across all sensors, along with sensor-specific features such as “fuzzed GPS” and so on. We’ll share more news around the customization when it arrives, but for right now you are able to selectively turn on or off data collection for studies.

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Do sensors need to be added (“Add item”) for each participant in a study, or is the default to include them all at the default sampling frequencies?

Hi @khackett, sensors are configured on a per-study basis. If you configure it for one participant in a study, it will apply to all of them. You’ll see a dialog confirming your action and providing info about this in the dashboard. We’ll be adding a new Sensors tab to the dashboard soon as well similar to the current Activity tab.

I was just wondering if there are any updates to the anticipated timeline for the availability of the new version of the app that allows for sensor customization (i.e., turning data collection for specific sensors on or off).

I just checked the iOS app store this morning and the available version still appears to be 1.1.3, which from what I can tell does not yet support this functionality, right?

Is there any news on when the new version is likely to be approved? We’re hoping to start a pilot project soon, but need to wait until sensor customization is functional.

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Hi @eric,

I’ve spoken with the development team and we believe mid-next-week we will have more news to share about both staging (beta) and production (live) releases across the frontend, backend, and native apps that include this feature. If you’re interested in testing it while it’s being worked on (in progress and may be buggy!) then you may use our beta version of the app right now (instructions at Please do let me know if you are doing so as your backend will need additional minor configuration to support sensor customization.

Hope this helps!

Hi @avaidyam,

Are there any updates on this? I didn’t see any announcements last week… so I’m assuming the timeline got pushed back?

We are hoping it will be possible to use the production release for this pilot study if it will be available soon, but if not we might give the beta version a try.


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Hi @eric, the beta/staging releases are available now if you would like to try it out! Please see our documentation for info on this.