mindLAMP platform migration is now complete

We’ve received many questions about whether mindLAMP 1 and mindLAMP 2 are compatible, and whether data collected from mindLAMP 1 will still be available once mindLAMP 2 is publicly available.

We’ve worked hard with our developers to ensure that both versions of the app are compatible with each other and no data loss occurs when switching over or using them side-by-side.

To achieve this, our developers began migrating the legacy backend that powers mindLAMP 1 into the more robust LAMP Platform that supersedes it. We’re happy to announce that as of today, the data and backend migration is now complete! However, we’d like to let you know of some important workflow changes made for compatibility reasons:

  1. It is no longer possible to sign in as or create a guest account from within the mindLAMP 1 app.
    • This feature was primarily for demonstration purposes, and instead, we recommend using the new “Try It” feature in mindLAMP 2.
    • This includes non-guest accounts created with a study code (often 001) but without an assigned password.
  2. It is no longer possible to sign in with just an ID; instead, an email address must always be used.
    • This restriction is due to the new security and privacy features in the LAMP Platform, such as audit logging and multi-device/credentials.
    • When creating a new Participant or Patient in the mindLAMP 2 app or the web dashboard, an email address and temporary password will now automatically be generated for you (ending in @lamp.com).
  3. Progress charts and past survey responses are no longer visible from within the mindLAMP 1 app.
    • Because of the integration with the LAMP Platform, data visualization remains available in the mindLAMP 2 app or in the web dashboard, even if the data was collected from the mindLAMP 1 app.
    • The “steps/sleep” home screen tile in the mindLAMP 1 app is now a quick shortcut to mindLAMP 2 features, including data visualization. (which will be receiving a complete makeover very soon!)

Our team would like to thank @Synthia_Guimond and her team for assisting us in resolving several major bugs with this data migration process this week. If you notice any bugs or unusual behavior, please let our team know in the forum, or by directly sending us an email.

We hope to share more fantastic news about mindLAMP 2 with you very soon!

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Hi! Is there a new portal/dash link for mindlamp2? If so, is the site live? Just wanted to double check where to register new participants. Thanks!

Hi @mnisenson! The link should be the same – https://dashboard.lamp.digital/ :slight_smile:

thank you!!

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@avaidyam would you be able to meet quickly this week to answer a few questions about registering new participants? thanks!

Hi @mnisenson, I would love to – I did see your email and will respond today! For future reference and for others interested in learning more, this documentation link may help! Specifically, Create or manage surveys and Create or manage users would be helpful!

thank you!

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Hi! Last time we spoke I know that we had discussed that MindLamp 2 still didn’t have the capability to do notifications re: surveys. So it seems that to continue our study protocol, we would need to use both MindLamp 1 and 2 for participants. While I understand how to create a new participant on the dash, it doesn’t seem possible for us to log into the MindLamp 1 app without a study code. Do we just leave that field blank now and just put the user ID? Thanks!

Hi @mgansner!

You no longer log in with a study code, you tap on “Sign In” and you will see an email address and password screen. If you create a new user in the dashboard, you’ll see a green popup that has the participant’s temporary email address and password – this is what you would plug into the app.

Hope that helps!

That’s the problem, though. With MindLamp 1, which we would still need to use in order to get notifications to our participants, right? - it doesn’t let you sign in without a study code. And there’s no longer a study code through the dash. So we’d be able to get the user registered with MindLamp 2, but they wouldn’t be able to get the notifications.

mindLAMP 1 supports signing in with an email address and password, but it’s not the default method, so you will need to tap on the bottom-left button labeled “Sign In”. The study code method is actually “Sign Up”.

Awesome, thank you! Last question (hopefully) for now - how do we manage notifications for the protocol presently? I just re-signed into MindLamp 1 and hopefully the nightly notifications will resume but is there a way to reset them or change the time for them in the current version of the dash if for whatever reason they don’t work?

Just kidding. That was not my last question. Vanessa and I are having trouble with MindLamp 2 -separate issues - mine keeps logging me out and hers is just a white blank screen when she enters the app. We’re trying to gear up for starting recruitment within the next week, so help would be most appreciated!

And the notifications don’t appear to be working for MindLamp1 either. I tried to delete the set check-in time and then reset it for our group within the dash, but it wouldn’t let me either delete or set a new time for check-in.

Hi @mgansner, I saw your email about scheduling a meeting to go over these items, so I’ll follow up with you there. Some procedures have changed but I think we can get you started using mindLAMP quickly!

Great, thank you! I have like 25 questions and feel bad making you answer them all in a piecemeal approach. Look forward to your response!

No problem at all, @mgansner! Always glad to help!