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Cortex Documentation?

I was wondering if there was any additional Cortex documentation available that I’ve missed or if there is any estimated timelines for further details. I found a very helpful overview page here:

This pipeline sounds very exciting. Based on my reading it sounds like it is useful to both 1) visualize data for users in the app under “Prevent” but also 2) allow data scientists to easily process some types of data. The page above further links out to another page “Complete List of Available Features” - but that page is empty.

I also checked the Github page for documentation, but documentation is limited to installation. Finally, I checked the main mindLAMP documentation page that offers a link: “Learn more about mindLAMP, the Data Center, and Cortex here.” (

But this link returns an error page.

Much thanks!


@czysz Thanks for your interest in Cortex! Right now it’s available on GitHub as alpha code and we are working on completely revamping the documentation. We’ll share here on the forum as news becomes available around this!

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