Cortex Release 2022.05.06, LAMP-ide Updates

A new version of LAMP-Cortex has been released - version 2022.05.06. This release add several new functionalities and removes some deprecated sensors.

Added Features include:

  • Correlation visualizations
  • Participant-specific visualizations
  • Module scheduling
  • Notifications
  • Code to restore deleted activities and participants

The following LAMP features have been deprecated. If you need to analyze data from these sensors for a legacy study, please use a prior release:

  • primary.sleep_periods
  • secondary.sleep_duration
  • secondary.sms_count

For more detailed information, please see our release notes:

Documentation of all added functionalities should now be present on under the Cortex heading.

Additionally, a new version of LAMP-ide has been released that includes the latest version of LAMP-cortex and LAMP-py by default. The image is, as before, available at

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