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Lamp-cortex library and its dependencies

Trying out the last example from the cortex page throws an error that the argument —resolution is required. Also, when I tried installing lamp-cortex, it uninstalls numpy for some reason and luminol also doesn’t work.

I believe that running this code updates the env variables for anaconda and it ends up changing a lot of stuff in the system such that it crashes.

It would be great if someone could help me out with the same.

Thanks and Regards,

Hi aayushinirmal, thanks for posting! We are currently revamping the cortex documentation. Please keep an eye out for a email about this!


Hi @rbilden, I’m just piggybacking off this thread to ask if there is any sample output for the cortex code? Specifically I am interested in an idealized example of sleep suite output, just to confirm what should be expected with ideal accelerometer data. I wasn’t sure if this would be part of the upcoming documentation or not so I wanted to ask it here. Thanks!!

Hello @rbilden would it be possible for you to give an approximation of how long is it gonna take because we are in the middle of a study and desperately need sensor data processing done.


Hi @aayushinirmal,

Thanks for following up! We are still working on the documentation, but a tentative timeline is around the end of August. Thank you very much for your patience, and @rhays or I will alert you when we have an update.