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Problem Creating Credentials as Admin

One thing I noticed after successfully creating “researcher” accounts as ‘admin’ using the generated password…

When I login as admin, click on administrator drop-down menu and “manage credentials” I can create a credential here, but I cannot login with the email and password specified for the newly created credential. I just get “invalid login” on the lamp dashboard login page. I’ve tried multiple times using different email addresses and passwords. All fail with ‘invalid login’.

Perhaps this is my ignorance with not understanding how this application works. I read the docs but it is not clear to me why this happening. Also, I cannot create a credential using my own email address even though there are no accounts (users, researchers, clinicians, etc.) in the application using that email address. I receive the error “could not create credential”. I had previously used my own email address in testing and attempting to get a workable system up and running. Could the email be cached in the database but not visible through the web interface? Any recommended way for me to verify this or troubleshoot from the command-line?

Also, when logged in as ‘admin’ I only see “Researchers” and “Data Portal” in the left-hand navigation column. This seems to contradict the docs. Is this expected? Should I also see a “Users” button?

Hi @lido,

When in Admin view, you are correct in that you should only be seeing the researcher and data portals. The data portal is a recent addition, so the docs may not reflect that just yet. To see the users button, that appears once, from an admin account, you enter a researcher, and then you will be able to see the users you can assign under that researcher.

For the invalid logins, this seems to be a bug that is persisting on our end as well. I’ll be looking into this and get will back to you about it soon! When you receive the error that you cannot create a credential, the previous credential you created may indeed be cached in the database. I will work with members on the team to get back to you on how to troubleshoot that issue.

Thanks, @spatel for the follow up!

If there is anything I can do to help just let me know.