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Testing the LAMP Platform: Server Admin Troubles


I am attempting to deploy a testing environment of LAMP via CloudFormation on AWS. With my 2 Ec2 instances setup as manager nodes on a docker swarm, I think I’ve gotten as far as step 2 in the Testing the LAMP Platform section of the documentation.

Calling the and for my domain is successful. But when I run:

  • curl -k -H 'Authorization: Basic admin:admin'

the response is:

  • {"error": ""}

I was able to locate my admin password in the service logs of lamp_server and running:

  • curl -k -H 'Authorization: Basic admin:GENERATED_PASSWORD_HERE'

Inputting my admin password, returns:

  • {"data": []}

Is this normal behavior? Regardless if it is or not, I am unsure how to log into my lamp domain via browser ( What would my credentials be for this? Am I missing some information in the next steps of the documentation?

Thanks a ton,

Hi Steve,

Thank you for using mindLAMP and for reaching out to us through the forums. It sounds to me as though you’re experiencing expected behavior - if you were able to successfully get a result from your generated admin password you should have successfully followed the setup process.

For your next steps, you can go to and enter your created credentials - making sure to enter the address of the api you have set up in the server address box (which should read when you first access the page) - and then your other credentials in the appropriate locations. You should be able to log in with that - but if you are not, please reach out again.



Hey Luke,

Thanks so much for the response. I’ve attempted to login at with my address (.website was the cheapest domain :grinning:) and credentials:

  • Username: admin (actual username used)

Unfortunately, using these credentials and address results in Incorrect username, password, or server address error message.

Similarly, testing API calls such as:

  • curl -L -X POST '' \ -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \ -H 'Accept: application/json' \ -H 'Authorization: Basic admin:GENERATED_PASSWORD --data-raw '{ "id": "2wp97csc3g57ptznhhkg", "name": "Harvard Psychiatry" }'

Results in:

  • curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate More details here:

So now I’m starting to look at traefik documentation and see what might be missing/broken there.

Does anything stand out to you in either the error msgs or my commands?

Thanks again,

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the detailed info! It sounds like you are following the correct procedures to log-in, so I’m guessing there is some issue with accessing your api specifically. From the error message you are getting when you attempt to curl, it sounds as though there may be an issue with your site’s encryption certificate - for security reasons I think LAMP only allows access through https - have you set up a ssl certificate for your site?

You may also be able to get more info by looking at the network tabs directly in your browser’s devtools when you try to log in using the lamp dashboard, and seeing exactly what the error code is when your log-in fails.

Hope this helps,