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Deploying the LAMP Platform


I’m trying to deploy MindLAMP on an AWS server and MongoDB database. I already have the Docker and database set up. I have followed the documentation and I have some questions related to the steps in the “LAMP Platform” section.

  1. Would it be possible to see an example of “” and “” that would be very helpful.

  2. After all the variables in the lamp.yml are filled in, in which directory should I put the lamp.yml file? And how to assemble it with other LAMP codes in the Github?

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  1. you may have a look the
  2. ssh to your ec2, create a folder or put it in any folder then use the ‘docker stack deploy’ from the instruction under the same folder.

Thank you for your reply!

I have additional questions.

  1. If I use AWS server, is my AWS domain name?
  2. For the database management domain, what is exactly I’m using MongoDB.


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