Self-Hosting Deployment Questions

Hi Ravi,

Do you have the self deployment instructions document - instruction link does not work.

Hi all,

For future reference we are simplifying the docs links so the new one is:

Hope this helps!

Hi @avaidyam, I have a demo environment being set-up. Is there a step I am missing so I can manage or create Smartphone Cognitive Tests? The screenshot below is from the dashboard (
Note that I am able to upload Survey Instruments from the survey library. Thank you!


@nicholaide As we’re still working on improving the API Server for the LAMP Platform, you will temporarily need to run this script in a terminal:

curl -XPOST https://admin:YOUR_DB_PASSWORD@YOUR_DB_HOST/activity_spec/_bulk_docs --data '{"docs":[{"_id":"lamp.3d_figure_copy"}, {"_id":"lamp.balloon_risk"}, {"_id":"lamp.breathe"}, {"_id":"lamp.cats_and_dogs"}, {"_id":"lamp.cats_and_dogs_new"}, {"_id":"lamp.dbt_diary_card"}, {"_id":"lamp.digit_span"}, {"_id":""}, {"_id":"lamp.jewels_a"}, {"_id":"lamp.jewels_b"}, {"_id":"lamp.journal"}, {"_id":"lamp.nback"}, {"_id":"lamp.nback_new"}, {"_id":"lamp.pop_the_bubbles"}, {"_id":"lamp.scratch_image"}, {"_id":"lamp.serial7s"}, {"_id":"lamp.simple_memory"}, {"_id":"lamp.spatial_span"}, {"_id":"lamp.spin_wheel"}, {"_id":"lamp.survey"}, {"_id":"lamp.temporal_order"}, {"_id":""}, {"_id":"lamp.trails_b"}, {"_id":"lamp.trails_b_dot_touch"}, {"_id":"lamp.trails_b_new"}, {"_id":"lamp.visual_association"}]}'

Once the ActivitySpec system for enterprise/organization-wide instrument management and its API are completely implemented, we’ll share further instructions on setup and upgrading your existing backend to support it.