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Error Messages upon set-up

I am getting two error messages.
Can you please help us with these:
GET /researcher/vs5r9g72tmwk0nvk27hz/_lookup/participant 500 - 38723.428 ms
GET /type/vs5r9g72tmwk0nvk27hz/attachment/lamp.messaging 404 - 95.292 ms

Hi @margaret.emerson,

Thanks for posting this! This is not using our API, so we don’t have a quick answer. @LukeS or I will get back to you when we have more information.



Hi @margaret.emerson,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and for working with us to resolve this issue.
After our discussions, we have a few things to note:

  1. These requests actually do use our API - our apologies for the inital confusion.
  2. After help from @mike.zietz we were able to resolve the issue. There were two possible contributing errors: first, an out-of-date image of LAMP was being used (the correct image as of August 6th is ; second, the order of networks for the server was incorrect (default should be first, then public)
  3. These errors originated from our deploying documentation which was out-of-date. The changes noted above have been made and you can find updated documentation at

Thank you again to @margaret.emerson, @mike.zietz and the rest of their team for helping us find and correct these errors.

Hi @LukeS, we are seeing the GET lamp.messaging 404 error even after re-ordering networks in the LAMP section of the yaml file as you advised so default comes first:

  - default
  - public

We are using the current release of the server:


GET /type/vs5r9g72tmwk0nvk27hz/attachment/lamp.messaging 404 - 95.292 ms

Any other suggestions for clearing out this error, or can we ignore it for now?


@tj123 These are normal! Nothing to worry about.

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@tj123 (and anyone else who may see this)

Just to briefly add on to Aditya’s comment - this ‘error’ occurs when LAMP attempts to check for any messages associated with a particular user/researcher and finds nothing. It won’t affect the functionality of LAMP in anyway (since there are no messages to display anyway) and is really only a sign that no messages have been sent to that user.

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