LAMP Consortium

DBT Diary Card

  1. For the client facing aspect, that’s could basically work with the existing interface I think. They just need to be able to be presented with various items, some slider, some checkbox, some text entry.

  1. For the clinician facing results portal, we would have the client’s scores piped right in so they could be easily looked at in a daily or weekly view. It would be great to have some automatic graphing capability like you currently have that could work here as well.

  1. We would also need some kind of “set up” interface, in which any clinician could easily select items from a bank that they would want to include in each individual patient’s diary card.

So under EMOTIONS: they could choose from a list, or create new ones to add if they needed to
Same for Urges/Thoughts and Target Behaviors.

These might change over time as well, so the clinician would need to be able to add/delete at any time.