Does LAMP-activities go under LAMP-dashboard? If it does, what are the deployment steps?

I was able to successfully modify and run the LAMP server and dashboard locally.
The activity tab is empty, and I saw LAMP-activities GitHub repository but did not find deployment steps.
Please let me know how to add LAMP activities and whether to put it under LAMP-dashboard or to run it separately


That sounds like great progress. Local implementations are beyond what our consortium is able to provide support for at this time. We are happy to discuss with you ways for finding more support to match your needs.


Hello John,

Thank you for getting back on this. Do you mean there will be no guidance provided for the self-hosted instance?
Also, this may be one-liner answer, whether LAMP-activities folder goes inside LAMP-dashboard and how that integration is done or does it needs to run independently.
Please let me know.

Thank you!


At this time, we cannot provide guidance for your self-hosted instance. Regarding LAMP-activities, what do you mean by putting LAMP-activities under LAMP-dashboard? We do provide some documentation regarding activities at the bottom of this page: Testing the LAMP Platform | LAMP Platform.