How to get Chinese users to use the mindLAMP?

Due to some policies with Google in China, Chinese users cannot download this APP using Google Play. I tried to search on Apple Store but failed to find this APP. May I ask how did the previous research carried out in Shanghai, China enable users to use this APP? Or is there a way to reach them?

From personal experience, I guess you can host the app apk file in a reachable url and ask them download and install it without google play.

Thank you for your suggestion! Do you have the Chinese version of this APP, or you translate it by your team?

@YumeiDai I believe mindLAMP v1 had chinese translations and was available on the App Store as well, but due to changes in Apple policies, we’re not able to list it for download in China anymore. mindLAMP v2 does not have chinese translations at this time, so if you’d like, you can provide translations that our development team can integrate into the app.

Ok, thank you for your reply! I’ll work with my team to translate it.

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