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Is the MindLamp app available in the Italian language? Where can I find research studies on improved health outcomes with the use of Mindlamp

Hi there @LisaCatanzaro,

As of right now, mindLAMP is not available in Italian, but we working on translating it into other languages with a set of files indicating what needs to be translated if you are interested in working on that for Italian! Let me know if you’d like more details about that.

Additionally, you can view a select list of publications on mindLAMP here


Thank you Suraj. I am part of a team that will do an Italian translation and validation for a mental health assessment. I would be happy to ask if the team is interested to translate the app along with the associated files. If you want to email me directly or send over any files in the new year we would be happy to review. Thank you, Lisa

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@LisaCatanzaro If you’d like to get started on Italian translations, I’ve just posted the master translation file and instructions on this post over here. Please let us know in this thread if you have any issues!

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Thank you! I will share with the team the file regarding the Italian translation! Happy New Year.

@avaidyam Thank you! Happy new year. I will share with the team here. Has anyone completed a validation in another language?? Is there a team in Rome at Angelini Pharma we could collaborate with? Also, I downlanded the app. Is there anyone that could do a demo for the team. I saw that the french translation had more text files for the mange and prevent screens.

@LisaCatanzaro Happy new year to you and your team as well! I’m not sure if Angelini Pharma is working on translations, but many other teams have helped translate LAMP into many different languages! Please feel free to use the French version if there is more text to work with there.

Unfortunately our team does not do live demos, but you can play with the app using the demo mode (below the sign in button) and check out the documentation here which has many useful screenshots and videos!

@avaidyam Thank you and Grazie mille :slight_smile:

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