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Is all event scheduling in mindLamp App local time?


We just want to know the behavior of the App. If we do a study across Canada, is the time set for an activity for example on the server located in Montreal will occur at the same time whatever the time zones the user is located? or the time schedule is converted in UTC, and depending of the time zones, the event will occur at different local times?

Thanks for your collaboration.


Hi @FrancisThibault,

Thanks for reaching out! As of right now, the schedule is in UTC and therefore will be at different local times based on time-zone. However, soon we will implement functionality to make it so it can be set to the user’s time-zone. I will update here when that is available!


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Thank you again for your quick reply @spatel, this functionality will be very cool when the study will occur in different time zones.

Looking forward to get your update on this.



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