LAMP Consortium

Automated scheduling of activities per user

Would it be possible, when scheduling activities, to choose between user-related events, rather than dates?

For instance, I could select “Date of registration” which is an event in common to all users within the same group, but intuitively will translate into different dates across users.

This would be such an improvement when dealing with RCT via MindLamp, as I would be able to set activities as “2 weeks after [user registered]”, “4 weeks after [user registered]” as the starting trial date will be user-defined. Also, in non-randomised trial it would be nice to chain activities, such as [2 days after “completion of activity XYZ”].

Hi @ego, this is not available as a feature, as the only way to currently schedule activities is to base them on times/dates, but this is a great suggestion! I will relay to the rest of the team for feedback and see what we might be able to do going forward.