How to restrict and schedule access to the Activities?


Is there a way to make activities available after users have been using the applications for up to like a month? For example, I want users to only have access to journaling after being on the app for a month. Prior to a month, they will only have access to the surveys and nothing else.
Is there any way I can do this?

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I too have this question. I had been hoping for this as a potential mindLAMP feature, and in the late March webinar with @dcurrey @rdmello , they stated we could give individuals access to activities at different times. When trying this in the dashboard, however, I’ve only seen that when I make a schedule or even create an unscheduled activity, it applies to all participants in the study. Is there a way to move participants between studies, perhaps setting up 2 studies with the 2 different conditions desired?
Thank you! @avaidyam @spatel


@elizabethshi1 @hannah.mercier If you haven’t scheduled the activities for them (i.e. push notifications at 8:00am to do a survey, etc.) then you could just hide the activities from their home tabs? Here’s how to do that.

@hannah.mercier We don’t (yet?) have a way to move participants between studies, unfortunately. If each participant is in their own study, you can clone all the activities to allow some level of individual flexibility though! (There’s more info on how to achieve this in the documentation too!)


Thank you @avaidyam, cloning the activities is a helpful & functional workaround for us.