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Question regarding the CouchDB step count bug

Hi @avaidyam,

Thank you for your answer regarding step count…

Instead, open this link in your browser (after replacing the variables) and authenticate as the server administrator, and you’ll see collected sensor data in user-readable JSON format:

I tried to access the URL as above but I only see few lines of JSON data…

Additionally, I’ve also synced HealthKit and gave access to all Health app data points from my iPhone, please see below…

Do we need to redeploy our Containers in Portainer to update the latest code?

@kkadapa I see that you did indeed follow the directions correctly. You should not need to re-deploy the containers. Are you able to plug your iOS device into a Mac running Xcode? If so, it would be very helpful if you could provide any device logs from mindLAMP as it’s running.