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Hello LAMP Consortium,
Where is best the place to post questions regarding the LAMP source code in GitHub?

I am trying to install the backend components without the benefit of Swarm (due to the limitations of Docker Desktop for Mac). I am unclear on how to create CouchDB’s root database, as referenced on this line

Thank you!

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Hi @nicholaide,

To enable Docker Swarm in Desktop, please run docker swarm init on the command line/terminal.

To create databases in CouchDB, please open the HTTP interface and log in, and from there you can just press the [+] button to create a new database.

Hope this helps!

Hello @ avaidyam,

According to this, I cannot test a multi-node swarm on a Mac, but I will try a single-node swarm.

For CouchDB, I should have been more specific: that line of code is asking for #schema, and I was wondering how to bootstrap the “root” database. Is there script that you use to populate the “root” database?



Ah - good question. Unfortunately we’re mid-migration so there’s no bootstrapping code yet, everything was done by hand. I think you should be able to get away with inserting an empty JSON object like so:

    "_id": "#schema"

And this should get you past most things. Please let me know if you encounter more issues with our CouchDB setup - we’ll have them resolved hopefully by some time next week!

Thanks @avaidyam. I’ll watch out for changes on the GitHub repos and this forum.

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