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Collecting Active Data only - Andriod mindLAMP app

Hi Team,

We have some researchers that want to collect active data only.
According to the previous post we dennied access to sensors on the phone side. It is working on the iPhone, but the andriod mindLAMP app won’t start after dennying access to the location sensor. Is there a way to collect active data only in andriod mindLAMP apps? It would be great if we have a feature that able to select which sensor data to be collected in the researcher dashboard.


Ref to previous thread.

Hi Chunlei,

We actually have a recently developed feature for this! In the sensors of a user, if you add the sensor “none” to the user, that will implement the lamp.none sensor, which inhibits all sensor data collection, effectively only allowing for active data. Let me know if you have any questions about that! I hope that helps.


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Great news! thanks Suraj!

When will the feature be released? Do we need to update to the latest version?

Hi @chunleichang,

This feature is already available in the latest version of LAMP! When you are adding sensors to a study or a participant, when selecting from the list, select the “None” sensor and lamp.none will be enabled, thus disabling the other sensors.


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