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Types of "digital phenotype" data collected?

Hi everyone,

I was curious about the different types of data that are collected with the mindLAMP platform - specifically things under the category of “digital phenotype” or passive data collection. This will of course vary pending on the user’s smartphone and other smart devices - and I imagine there are near infinite amount of data that could be calculated from raw sensor data.

So with those disclaimers in mind, is there any documentation that reveals the different types of passive data that are collected? Broadly, I can think of a few big groups:

-Sensor data, such as: accelerometer, GPS
-Phone use data, such as: text messages sent/received, number of calls, app usage (by name of app or category of app), screen time, etc.

Is there some master list or documentation that goes into more details? What’s more widely available across devices, what’s more variable. What will require extensively pipelines or post acquisition processing- what is more simple?



have you seen this page?

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Not sure how I missed it! Thank you - that’s super helpful!

The summary features are especially cool - cannot wait to see those fully fleshed out! I am also excited to hear from LAMP consortium member what variables they are most excited about.

Myself, I am most interested in significant location entropy, social responsiveness, and conversational reciprocity.

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