LAMP Consortium

Daily survey multiple responses & schedule

Currently, it appears you are able to access a scheduled daily survey within the “Assess” tab multiple times throughout the day, even if you have already accessed and submitted the survey. In the past, I believe this feature was different such that once you submit a survey, you cannot access again or change your responses within a given day. Can you please confirm 1) whether this functionality is expected to change, and 2) whether the most recent survey responses overwrite all previous responses within a given day?

On a slightly related topic, I was wondering how other researchers have gotten around the issue of not being able to customize a scheduled survey for individual participants; so if we intend to send out a nightly survey, every participant will have to receive it at the same time regardless of their nightly bedtime. Are there recommendations or plans to customize on a participant-basis?


It sounds like the surveys are working as planned which is great. No surveys will ever overwrite another survey and all are stored. You can create multiple studies for people as one way to offer more personalized experiences. If there are new features you would like, we can outline how it may be possible to create those and help contribute to the code base of the project.


Thank you for this information - it is very helpful!