LAMP Consortium

Survey display issue

We are currently using LAMP to collect active and passive data. We noticed that our survey question display weirdly on the screen. Can you help us figure out what we can do to make sure our rating scale appears linearly and not in two separate lines? We are worried that this might impact how our participants may respond to these surveys.


Depending on the device, there are limitations to how many answer choices you can offer. This looks like it may work on a tablet or computer screen, but not a smartphone. You could consider a different survey modality that mindLAMP offer for this question as one fix.

Thanks for the quick response. This image is from a smartphone and has been noticed in multiple phones. What would be the recommended survey modality for such questions?


Hi @marishka - I believe that there are other survey options that should work well on mobile. Almost all should work, but I believe for this case the issue is that there are too many options to select. I think if you decrease the size of options to 5 boxes, the same format you are using now should work. Additionally, you can use the “List” option, which allows an answer to be selected similar to a multiple choice survey!

Thank you, this is very helpful!