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Jewels Trails Issues


We have been encountering a few issues with the Jewels Trail Tests in the app. When participants complete the Jewels Trails B (as well as the practice), the lower bar does not appear indicating which jewel to start with. Also, when the JTTs are completed, the app repopulates a new test without marking the user as finished (the user must manually exit the test).

Finally, we are unable to extract JTT data from the app. This is crucial for the analyses we will be conducting shortly.

Thank you for all your help.


@JamieMongeon The issue you’re describing was resolved in Oct/Nov last year – are you still seeing the same issue now?

How are you trying to extract Jewels data? If you’d like help using Cortex or the LAMP API, @LukeS can share a primer/sample code.

Hi @JamieMongeon,

There are a couple ways that should allow you to easily extract data from LAMP.

First, you can directly download activity data to a csv format through the LAMP data portal, which you should have access to in the navigation menu when using the LAMP dashboard in researcher mode (you may have to turn on advanced mode in the upper right corner if it is not enabled).

Using the LAMP Data Portal | LAMP Platform has information about how to download your data. There is an additional, recently added feature that allows you to choose which data you download by unchecking the box marked “Download all data” in the download window in the final step. You can then choose exactly which activities you want to download.

Second is through the LAMP api, which can be most easily done through Python. To do this, you will need to have a python environment with the LAMP-core module installed. (This page may be of use:Preparing to Analyze Your Data in Python | LAMP Platform). Then, you can run

[{x['name']:x['id']} for x in LAMP.Activity.all_by_participant(USER_ID)['data']]

Where USER_ID is a participant id. You can use this to find the alphanumeric id for your Jewels activity(s), which you can then use in

LAMP.ActivityEvent.all_by_participant(USER_ID, origin=ACTIVITY_ID)['data']

to get an array containing all jewels data for your participant.

I hope that one(or both) of these methods is helpful to you. Please let me know if I can offer more info or if you encounter trouble using these methods.


Great, this was very useful! Thank you kindly.