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mindLAMP Login logs

Hello team,

Our security team is asking for security logs of mindLAMP. They require login success and login failure to be monitored. Does mindLAMP have such login logs? if so, how do I enable it?


Hi Chunlei,

If you are deploying mindLAMP, you should be able to view the logs on your own servers, as we are not hosting your data. Also, I think I may have originally replied to a different post of yours. My bad!

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Hi Suraj,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, we deployed the mindLAMP in AWS following instructions. I can view the docker logs of all components, but couldn’t locate the user login logs (including username, IP address, success or failure) required by our security team. I was wondering if there is a configuration I should do or which docker logs to look at it.


I found the login success log and user activity from the [sensor_event] in the DB.
It would be very helpful if the system can log failed login attempts as well.

Hi Chunlei,

Thank you so much for the feedback! We will look into this suggestion to see if we can implement it.


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