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Where to set lamp.dashboard.researcher_tags`

Hi Team,

Really glad to see the new data portal feature!
Just want to check where can I set lamp.dashboard.researcher_tags or the lamp.dashboard.study_tags tag.

if you do not see info that you expect to in this dropdown, or you see a message that there are no shared tags, try editing either lamp.dashboard.researcher_tags or lamp.dashboard.study_tags
Using the LAMP Data Portal | LAMP Platform


Hi @chunleichang ,

We are glad you are interested in the LAMP Data Portal! Currently, the easiest way to set these tags is most likely by using the LAMP-core python library to make an API request and set the tag. The specific function call will look like:

Where RESEARCHER_ID is the alphanumeric researcher (or study) LAMP id, and ARRAY is an array of existing tags - e.g. ['lamp.dashboard.experimental.gps','lamp.dashboard.experimental.accelerometer'].

Does this help? Please let me know what other information I can provide.


Thanks Luke! It is a great feature!
I was able to create the tags by using

However the expected graphs is not showing up yet. Will the lamp.dashboard.experimental.accelerometer show the graphs of the sensor “lamp.accelerometer”?
In addition, is there a full list of available tags that can be added?

Thanks Again!