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Adding sensor spec to mindLamp app

This thread is to continue our discussion regarding adding sensor spec to the minlamp server. First, here is a brief history of the email thread describing the problem

I am preparing to run the Python script for PRESCIENT mindLAMP sensors. Do you know how I can get the LAMP-core module?

I think it is pip installable? Check out the link below. @spatel , am I right? Simon is trying to add lamp.accelerometer sensor spec option to the PRESCIENT mindlamp server.

Yes! pip install LAMP-core should work. Let me know if you run into problems.

I was able to successfully install the mindLAMP Python package and try out the script that LukeS provided here to install the sensor list:

As per that forum discussion, as the following screenshot shows, I am using the correct mindLAMP image (I think/hope):


However, I am still getting that 503 error that Lido was reporting:

Any ideas, or could someone pass this onto @LukeS ?

You will have to “docker service update --force LAMP_server” to upgrade first. Then it should work. - @avaidyam

Looks like your update command suggestion worked:

However, still getting the 503 error message:

@avaidyam @LukeS @spatel

I guess one question I have is how do we know if
docker service update --force LAMP_server
worked or not, or check if the server is up-to-date (or out of date)? I agree with @avaidyam that although we can bypass this issue by potentially generating a JSON file for adding sensor specs, we want the server to be using the most up to date version.

@yochung I think the only way I was able to figure out if it was updated is by comparing the Docker image SHA to the one specified here in our GitHub Packages repo. I’m not sure why it wouldn’t accept an update to the latest image unless it wasn’t using the proper image tag in the docker compose file?

I logged into the dashboard and noticed this message bottom-left, which indicates that is running the latest version?

@simonjd That’s for the dashboard component - you’ll still need to update your API Server from the docker side of things:

docker service update --force LAMP_server

(Replace LAMP_server with your specific service name – use docker service ls to find that. Please see this thread for more info!)