LAMP Consortium

Exposing APIs to the Internet

Hello Everyone,

We have a MindLAMP server up and running behind our corporate firewall. What we would like to do next is expose the APIs as public through our Akana platform. If we do this then the server configuration used in the MindLAMP App would look something like the following:

 https://<corporate API URL>/<API Service Name>/<Version Number>

translated it looks as such:

Is this an acceptable configuration for the mobile app? We have Traefik currently running but can remove if necessary.


@birchsapen Hello! Your post somehow got lost in the forum, I’ve just moved it to the right place now, so apologies for the delay in responding!

This should work perfectly fine! (I would avoid the version number component as this is managed by the LAMP API Server directly.) I recommend shortening MindLAMPAPI to just LAMP (or lamp) for the sake of brevity and simplicity.