Upcoming Features for Cortex

New features and fixes

  • Data quality visualizations
  • Updated survey scoring
  • Step count
  • Healthkit sleep
  • Inactive duration (a proxy for sleep)


  • Data quality visualizations include activity counts, passive data quality, and features (home time, screen duration, and step counts). These graphs will be attached to the Data Portal.
  • The secondary feature step_count unifies iOS and Android steps.
  • Sleep information is gathered through Healthkit from watches. This data is aggregated in the secondary feature healthkit_sleep_duration. Duration of “in_bed”, “in_sleep”, or “in_awake” time can be computed.
  • Survey scoring has been refactored to allow for grouping of questions and more advanced scoring. A scoring dictionary is passed to map questions to categories. Users can also provide mappings from responses to integers for scoring.
  • inactive_duration is an early iteration of our newest sleep algorithm. It searches for the longest bouts without any spikes in accelerometer or screen activity. Inactive duration will continue to be revised in future releases.

For further information, please visit our documentation here.